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Rena & Puneet's Slow Wedding Dance to "Just the Way You Are" (Boyce Avenue Cover)

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Father-Daughter Dance Choreographed for his 50th Birthday Party


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Why Take Wedding Dance Lessons with Anya Brodech Dance?

Our comprehensive wedding dance program will take you from start to finish, and teach you everything you need to know to shine on the day of your wedding. Even if you have two-left feet or have never danced before, our program is guaranteed to provide you with a solid foundation of dance steps and proper technique, so you can dance in a way that feels comfortable and looks natural on the day of your wedding.

Our Program:

You will learn a variety of patterns and moves that you can use for your wedding dance routine to perform in front of everyone, as well as for general dancing during the reception afterwards.  In addition to dance instruction, our performance coaching will give you the tools you need to shine on your wedding day and get a standing ovation from all of your friends and family.

We can teach you salsa, latin, ballroom, or swing dancing depending on your personal style and song choice. The material is presented in a way that gives you the freedom and flexibility to use it in more ways than one, so that you'll always feel comfortable on a dance floor, matter where you are.

We welcome couples who are interested in learning a First Couple Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, and/or Mother-Son dance. No previous dance experience is necessary and anyone can join. Family discounts are available if you are having 2 or more couples learn how to dance (i.e. First Couple Dance and Father-Daughter Dance).

What is the Structure of the Program?

The program is structured into two halves. The first half of the program is designed to teach you general dancing and the basic steps in a style of your choice, based on the song you will be using. Once you get comfortable with the material and dancing together, we will move onto the second half of the program. 

During the second half of the program we will put together a structured dance routine based on the material that you learned, in a way that fits the song of your choice and reflects your personal style and new skill level. The dance will be 1.5 to 3 minutes long, based on the proposed difficulty and time allowed to learn it. It will be complete with a beginning, middle and end, including spins and dips, that you will perform in front of your guests on the day of your wedding.

We also focus on performance coaching and training, making sure you present yourself and your dancing in the best way possible, from the moment you start walking onto the dance floor.

Do I Need Dance Experience?

Previous dance experience is not a requirement for this program; all that is needed is a willingness to learn and time to commit. The program is designed in such a way to offer flexibility based on your personal learning style and rate of learning, previous dance experience, and time available outside of lessons to practice. 

For couples with no previous dance experience, we will move through the material a little bit more slower if needed in order to give you a good foundation so that your final dance looks polished and put together, even if it is a little bit more on the simple side. If you learn quickly, or put in a lot of time outside of lessons to practice the material, we will be able to put together a slightly more complex but still achievable dance.

If you have previous dance experience, we will spend on our lessons focusing on improving and expanding on your existing knowledge base and refining your technique in a way that compliments what you have learned already and taking your dancing to the next level. Our final routine will be more intricate and complex, based on your new skill level.

How Many Lessons Do I Need?

Based on previous experience working with other students, we have found that 16 lessons is the ideal number to teach someone how to dance, give them enough time to understand and internalize the material, and put it all together in a dance routine that looks comfortable and natural. Our focus with wedding dance lessons is not just to teach you how to dance, but teach you how to perform in front of an audience and look effortless while doing it, because ultimately that's what the goal is for the day of your wedding. 

Can I Come in for 1 Introductory or Trial Dance Lesson Before I Sign Up?

Yes! You are welcome to come in for 1 50-minute introductory lesson with no obligation to continue. 

The price for 1 Introductory Wedding Dance Lesson is $70

How Much Do Wedding Dance Lessons Cost?

1 Lesson at a Time (No Package): $100/lesson

5 Lesson Package: $475 Total ($95/lesson)

10 Lesson Package: $900 Total ($90/lesson)

16 Lesson Package: $1,360 Total ($85/lesson)

You are welcome to sign up for lessons and then add on more lessons as needed.

What Is Your Teaching Schedule and Availability?

Monday-Thursday: 5pm-9pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday- Sunday: 12pm-5pm

Where Is Your Studio?

We are located in Oakland Hills in a residential area. The address is 6008 Ridgemont Dr, Oakland, CA, 94619.

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