Salsa and Latin NightClub Lessons

Make Every Night a Dance Night

Whether you're single and looking to meet new people, or in a relationship and looking for excitement, Salsa club lessons are right for you! They are the perfect way to immerse yourself into the Bay Area's hot nightclub scene! There are dance events happening every single night of the week so you'll have plenty of opportunities to go out and enjoy what you learned during lessons! 

Salsa and Latin Nightclub Dances Taught

Learn all of the popular Salsa and Latin nightclub dances so you can enjoy dancing to every song! Start from the basics and go as far as you want:

Salsa (On-1), Bachata, Merengue, Cha-Cha, Cumbia and more!

Popular venues for salsa dancing include Cigar Bar, Space 550, Alberto's Nightclub, Vinnie's Bar and Grill, and Neck of the Woods.

 With summer coming up, you'll have additional places to dance including outdoor music festivals and other dancing events! 

How Salsa Club Lessons Work

All Salsa and Latin Nightclub dance lessons are "1-on-1" private lessons taught by a professional dance instructor. This means that regardless of which dance (or dances) you decide to learn, we will create a custom program designed to fit your specific needs and learning style so you can learn exactly what you want, how you want.

You can come alone and dance with the teacher during your lesson, or bring a partner to dance with you. No previous dance experience is necessary. You will learn the basic steps and a variety of moves to use when you go out dancing.  In addition, you will learn some basic technique so you can be the perfect partner with everyone that you dance with.  

If you have previous dance experience or you decide to continue your lessons long-term, you will learn more advanced patterns and high-level technique.


Salsa and Latin Nightclub Lessons for New Students

3 Private Lessons for $210* ($70/hour)

5 Private Lessons for $325* ($65/hour)

8 Private Lessons for $480* ($60/hour)

*Must enroll and pay in full for lesson package by April 30, 2018. Not valid for wedding dance lessons. Additional terms and conditions apply. 

Pricing and Payment Information


All Salsa and Latin Nightclub dance lessons are private dance lessons that are one hour long and include 55-minutes of instruction and 5-minutes of note-taking/scheduling/administrative tasks.  

Prices Listed are for 1 Person or 1 Couple per Lesson, and include all studio "floor rent" fees. Groups of 3 or more people are at a different rate.

Payment Methods Accepted: Cash, Check (Payable to: Anya Brodech), Venmo, and Credit Cards.  We do not accept Debit Cards at this time.  

Regular Price Salsa and Latin Nightclub Lessons

1 Lesson at a Time (No Package): $85/Lesson

5 Lessons Package: $375 ($75/Lesson)

10 Lesson Package: $700 ($70/Lesson)

16 Lesson Package: $1,040 ($65/Lesson)

 Payment plans are available for regular price lesson packages of 10 or more.