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Salsa Student Testimonials


"I've always wanted to learn how to dance salsa, so I decided to take a couple lessons with Anya and she was the best!  Not having any experience dancing salsa, I was bit unsure If I could really learn, but Anya made me feel comfortable and taught me step by step.  I ended up taking the 16 lesson package and it was one of the best investments that I have made, as I really enjoy dancing salsa today.  During each lesson, Anya had always a great attitude, was patient and full of energy, made the lessons fun, and was always flexible on scheduling the lessons.  She is a fantastic teacher!  I definitely recommend Anya!"


"I was an absolute beginner when I started and have been taking dance lessons with Anya for the past 6 months or so.  I chose a private teacher because with the group lessons I often felt like I wasn't fully getting the steps correctly, and felt a bit lost or overwhelmed.  Anya and I mostly worked on Salsa, but also a bit of Bachata in there because it's something a lot of clubs play and my goal was just to go out and have fun.  She was always kind, patient, informative, observant, fun, and easy to be around.  I definitely improved quite a bit, and feel a lot more confident when it's time to go out and dance with new partners.  I also appreciate good dancing when I see it in a way that I never did before taking lessons.  Thanks Anya!"


"So I just finished the last salsa lesson of a 16-lesson package, and I've got nothing but great things to say about the program. In 16 hours, I went from knowing absolutely nothing about salsa to being more than comfortable going out salsa dancing, and having a great time. I know so many moves!

From lesson one, Anya has been a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and patient instructor. She is also very versatile, able to switch up her instruction methods as needed, to help you to better understand the different techniques. I honestly feel that I was lucky to have learned how to salsa from Anya, and can't recommend her enough.

She's great!"

Michael & Annette

"It's pretty obvious that Anya loves to dance and loves to teach.

She is very friendly and experienced. She is professional and uses positive reinforcement. She has a lot of patience. My wife and I have taken two series of classes with her, concentrating on salsa and meringue. Her teaching style is enjoyable and she always gives us good technical feedback. She supports us and manages to motivate us. In addition, she has used props to teach us proper form.

We will definitely take more classes from Anya."


"It is always a good time dancing while learning new steps with Anya. This is a boutique experience catered to your speed and preference. Anya gives lots of positive reinforcement but is also not shy to critique when needed.  The studios themselves have a good vibe. You leave feeling energized."


"My dance journey began in the summer of 2015. I was searching for a way to get in touch with my body, and also to have fun at the numerous Bay Area Salsa clubs. It should be noted that at the time I had almost no dancing experience, nor was I person who was naturally inclined to graceful movements. I was actually feeling a bit pessimistic about my prospects of becoming a dancer; but over time Anya proved me wrong!

The lessons between Anya and myself progressed from simple understanding of rhythm and basics to more nuanced concepts; confidant hands, more flowing movements, and limber feet. We began to explore more complex systems of dancing combinations as Anya constantly guided me beyond my comfort zone, encouraging me to explore new and difficult (but also thrilling) moves. Eventually we transitioned beyond just Salsa, into other Latin dances, and I got to experience for my self how intricate patterns of rhythm, movement, and physical communication apply to multiple dance systems as a whole. Eventually, I learned to love the rhythm, feeling happy and confident on the dance floors of Bay Area clubs. More importantly, I gained a deeper sense of confidence generally in life, and a deeper appreciation of what my body can do. I have Anya to thank for all of this.

Anya is a unique and wonderful teacher. She imparts not just her knowledge of a dance but also that sense of bliss that dancing brings her; she truly wants hers students to experience her joy so that the dance-process enriches students' lives. Simultaneously, Anya also understands that growing as a dancer isn't easy; each student requires a unique combination of nurturing, motivation, and attention, which Anya systemically provides. She is meticulous in her methods, keeping careful records of each student's progress in advancements while triangulating these with the student's personal goals and aspirations. Anya's blend of empathy, understanding, and rigorous professionalism is indeed something rare and special.

In short, I recommend that you sign on for a class with Anya as soon as possible. Trust me. It will change your life."

Bachata Student Testimonials


"I booked Anya for a birthday party bachata class! She was organized and thorough, had me come in to the studio before the class to go through what I envisioned as well as to explain how the class would be. The studio is super cute and she was fun, engaged us all in the class, and made the steps learnable. We all came out a little more confident and had lots of fun learning. I would book her again for a group or even private lessons!"


I am not a big reviewer but I had to write this because my experience with Anya was outstanding and I can't recommend her highly enough. Anya has an incredibly easygoing, fun, and yet methodical and super-well-thought-out program that guided my husband and I through one step after another in learning how to dance bachata together.

She started at the very beginning with help on how to move and the basic steps. These were instructions that you could never get in a group class. Her background as a dancer and knowledge of the technical side of things is evident, but she always breaks things down in a clear and simple way. If Yelp had 10 stars, I'd give 11.

I saw other happy students of hers as well, at the beginning or end of my husband and my classes, and I can say that she has both couples and singles who enjoy her classes. As a teacher myself, I can appreciate how Anya has clearly put a lot of thought into how to structure her classes. Check her out. If you are interested in learning to dance but have been discouraged, I recommend you talk to Anya and come in to her studio. You won't regret it. 


"Anya has been everything you would expect from a great dance teacher and MORE. She's is very warm and welcoming. Always friendly, a pleasure to be around, and definitely knows her stuff. She is as professional as the come, and got me dancing bachata in no time. She's also great at helping you unlock the mental aspect of dancing. A lot of the times it's more mental than physical. I HIGHLY recommend trying a few lessons out." 


"My experience of Anya has been wonderful. I came to Anya without any background of dance, but wanted to learn how to social dance.

Anya skillfully introduced me to the creative world of dance with fun movements to allow me to explore and become acquainted with dance. We got into Merengue, eventually Bachata, and then Salsa over a period of a few months, and after getting a feel for both, I  loved and began to focus on bachata exclusively to develop my mastery.

Throughout the sessions, Anya was able to focus on my goals, communicate effectively, share great examples, provide me more resources to help me learn. She is professional, and is filled with a library of knowledge.

Thank you Anya!"


"I was looking for an instructor for private lessons because the group lessons at the dance studios were too hard for me.

Then I found Anya's page and signed up for bachata classes with her. She started me off slowly with very basic movement and then I started practicing different combinations with my wife.

It has been a great experience for us, the rest of my family can't really believe that I can dance like this when they see me. Yes I'm still a total beginner, but now I can do a bunch of combinations with my wife thanks to Anya's expert instruction which I just never would have been able to do otherwise. I think we will continue with cumbia classes next!

I highly recommend Anya for her skill in communication, planning, being very perceptive and making you feel at ease."


"I've been taking lessons with Anya for the past year and she's completely changed my life! She's taught me how to dance Salsa, Bachata, and some Swing, but more importantly, she's taught me how to be a confident individual. Dancing has some serious benefits for those shy individuals and she helped me get out of my shell. Her lessons are tailored for you and your progression and she has a vast knowledge of dance moves and combinations that you can learn within the first few lessons and look like a pro! I highly recommend taking lessons with her, she is very kind, patient, and will help you be a confident person on the dance floor and in life!" 

Wedding Dance Reviews & Testimonials

Rena & Puneet

We absolutely LOVED Anya as our dance teacher! We spent around 3 months with her preparing our first dance (waltz) for our wedding. She was personable, professional, and created a beautiful routine for us. We started out learning how to dance and then spent the second half learning a completely personalized dance with the song of our choice. We not only loved the performance but also became very close with Anya! Both studio locations that we practiced in were very nice and we enjoyed being able to practice in large spaces. Thanks so much for helping us create a memory we will never forget! 

Michael & Nichole

My now-wife and I wanted to learn a special dance for our wedding, but we only had several weeks to learn something. Neither of us had much experience, so Anya had her work cut out for her. She quickly helped us choose a style, song, and routine, and then taught us everything we needed to know to perform live at our wedding. It worked. People loved it. Anya focused on combining the basics with a few big crowd-pleasing dips--just the right mix for us to learn something quickly while also putting on a fun show for our guests. In our final lessons she also helped us with some characterization, wardrobe tips, and a simple dance I could do with my mom. Thanks Anya! 

Ameer & Michelle

My wife and I took lessons from Anya for about 6 months and we loved it! Anya is very good at providing clear instruction that even an uncoordinated beginner like me can follow. She's incredibly patient, kind, and overall fun to be around. If you're looking to take up salsa lessons, look no further! Call her immediately!