West Oakland

Private dance room at Trilliant Studios in West Oakland by Jack London Square.

130 Linden St, Oakland, CA, 94607.

Park on the street and go up the big stone steps to the glass doors labeled "124-130" overhead. Firmly enter the door code provided to you by the instructor into the keypad on the right so the light turns green. If the door doesn't open, please ring the doorbell. 


Oakland Hills

Private dance room in a residential area by Merritt College in Oakland Hills.

Address released after booking a lesson.

Park on the street in front of the house, walk to the right side of the garage, through the gate and into the glass door of the dance studio room in front of you.


Walnut Creek

New location in Walnut Creek coming soon. Private room at Belly Dance! Studio by downtown Walnut Creek.

1235 Boulevard Way, Walnut Creek, CA, 94595.

Park on the street or in the adjacent parking lot and go into the glass door at the front of the studio.