Learn how to move your body from head to toe, one movement at a time...

Fundamentals of Dance Program

Learn the Basics of Rhythm and Movement

With our introductory "Fundamentals of Dance" program for absolute beginners and non-dancers, you will learn how to hear the beat in music, develop a sense of rhythm in your body and learn how to move to music, as you slowly learn how to dance. Our program is designed for people who have never successfully "learned" how to dance and are looking for a slower paced program.

In our fun and friendly program, you will learn at your own pace, as we go step by step, movement by movement. We'll start from the most basic actions and movements, and show you how to develop rhythm in your body, and teach you some simple but effective dance steps that you can use in a variety of situations. 

Our job is to demystify dancing and make it something you can understand.  You'll discover how the different parts of your body can work together in a coordinated and cohesive way.

We understand that even though you might excel at other areas in life, for some reason, dancing continues to elude you and no matter what, you just can't seem to get the hang of it. We recognize that all you need is someone with a little bit of patience and understanding. Dancing doesn't come easy to everyone and we understand that, but we don't let it stop you from succeeding.

We can help you learn how to dance the basic movements from popular Latin dances such as salsa, bachata, merengue or reggaeton. You will learn how to dance music in the style(s) of your choice. If you are not sure, we can help explain your options to you and give you more information about each style. We will custom tailor the program to meet your exact needs, fine-tuning it and adjusting it as your needs change.

This program can be taught in a variety of formats, including "1-on-1" and "1-on-2" private lessons for singles and couples.

We also offer group lessons if you have 3 or more people who'd like to sign up together.  We can teach you how to dance with or without a partner. We can do a mixed lesson (men & women together), or a "women's-only" or "men's-only" lesson.

Introductory Specials for New Students

Try Your First Private Lesson for $50 if you pre-pay online or $85 if you pay in person at the studio. 

Offer expires August 31, 2018. (Must purchase and attend first lesson by August 31, 2018). Good for 1 Person or 1 Couple Only. Online purchase is Non-Refundable, 24-hour cancellation policy applies. Please contact us for more information before purchasing.

Standard Private Lesson Rates/Packages:

1 Lesson at a Time (No Package): $85/hr

5 Lesson Package: $400 ($80/hr)

10 Lesson Package: $750 ($75/hr)

16 Lesson Package: $1,120 ($70/hr)

*Pricing for 1-2 students/lesson. Standard Private lesson rates/packages apply only to "Fundamentals" and "Latin" dance programs, and cannot be used  wedding dance lessons or choreography. Monthly payment plans available for lesson packages of 10 of more.

Group Class Rates: Click to view our "Groups" page for more information.

Payment Methods Accepted: 

Cash, Check (Payable to: Anya Brodech), Venmo, and Credit Cards.  

We do not accept Debit Cards at this time.

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Try Your First Private Lesson for $50